Monday, January 10, 2011


Gah! I think I just broke my back tooth.  On a carrot.  That's what you get for eating healthy.  A trip to the dentist.  (I need to go anyway...)

It's the middle of the night again.  I'm at work.  All of my patients are asleep.
Truth be told, it's quite peaceful here tonight.  A rarity lately.

SIGH.  I just can't get back into blogging.  The life of Rocketgirl has been turned upside down more times than she can count in the past 4 months. (Why I reverted to the 3rd person there...I simply cannot explain)

I do pop in to follow you all in Blogland.  I would like to make it a regular habit again...blogging used to bring me so much joy! Then again, so did alot of things.  Seems I need to re-learn, re-teach & re-allow myself to enjoy those things again. 

One day at a time. Be well.

1 amazing people said...:

Rosie said...

Yes dear day at a still have SO many blessings...just take the time to count them...maybe this is your next post? you, and miss you...R


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